Define obsessed.....

Holla Mishamigos! My name is Samantha! I'm a 20 year old, quirky, fun, loving, creative girl who loves art and acting! I'm very outgoing and I have MANY obsessions! They include Criss Angel, Johnny Depp, Panic! At The Disco, Supernatural, Michael Jackson and much much more!
I'm absolutely IN LOVE with Criss Angel <3 He's my idol and inspiration! I'm a huge Loyal and nothing can change it otherwise ;D Been a loyal since 8/31/06 :D He's changed my life in so many ways and has replied to me on Twitter and the loyal chat room on his website! I love him so much and cannot wait to meet him in the future <3
I'm a huge movie buff! I kinda have to be if I wanna be in the movies one day! lol I love all types of movies and my favorite is Pirates of the Caribbean:the curse of the black pearl. I love old time movies too! I'm also like a walking DVR! I CONSTANTLY quote movies in different voices and quote in any situation! XD My favorite actor is Johnny Depp!
Aside from movies being my passion, I've always LOVED music! Although I'm really into Rock N' Roll since I was raised listening to that, I love all types of music; especially classical music! (which not a lot of people know about me! It was actually the first type of music I started listening to when I was very young!) My favorite bands are Guns N' Roses, Panic! At The Disco, Aerosmith, Three Days Grace, Motley Crue, Fall Out Boy, ETC!
I'm also IN LOVE with Michael Jackson, Supernatural and many other things that most teenagers don't obsess over...I'm weird like that :)
I also love to do facepaint! :) I usually draw designs on my face with eyeliner or paint and I go all out when it comes to character makeup!
I'm a kid at heart and still act like it most times...I love to make people smile and I constantly try to be positive and help other people see the world in a good way to help better their lives :) Friends mean the world to me! I just want myself and everyone around me to be happy!
Get ta know me and follow me on Twitter if you want to talk! :) @Amystika1316